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Women's education can lead to other contributions

The aid to Women's Education around the needs to be encouraged because of the contributions that women make on daily basis towards things such as her family, economy, and society.

Attack on Women's education

Women's education although supported by many activist is still being attacked by many organizations such as terrorist groups such as the Taliban, and possibly by even by the girl's family themselves by investing all of their wages towards their son. "The education for all Global Monitoring report studied gender imbalances...finding that 100 million women in -low and -middle income countries were unable to read a single sentence" (Meris).

Secondary education around the world

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You can tell from the graph above that women from 1999 are starting to receive a better education by the results from 2007. But illiteracy currently a large struggle around the world for women in foreign countries. "Today, illiteracy among adult females is highest in Southern Asia (55%), the Arab world (51%), and Sub-Saharan Africa(45%)" (Isobel). Today many schools do not have many girls enrolled. "Only 30 percent of all girls are enrolled in secondary school. In many countries, less than one third of university students are women" (Dayofthegirl).

Beneficial women's education

By taking care of women's education in foreign countries it would be beneficial in many different ways such as taking care of their family and their society. "Investing in women and providing equitable opportunities are not just decisions that influence the day-to-day lives of girls in school. They can provide girls and women with lifelong skills" (Meris). Also if they are more educated they are more likely to contribute to their family's income. "Evidence shows that, on average,an educated girl will grow up to have healthier children and contribute more to her family's income. (United Nations Girls Education Initiative).

Women's education in Ghana - Charlotte's story

What people can do to help

The goal is to enclose the gender gap and oppression against women's education that has been around for ages. You can help by donating to the web link "". Together we can pursue a more educated world.