Dachau Concentration Camp

Medical Experiments Camp

When was it Established?

The Dachau Camp was established in March 20, 1933.

Where was it Located? What was it used for?

Location: The Camp was located about 10 miles West from Northwest of Munich in Southern Germany.

Used for: In 1937 the SS were using prisoners labor to finish building the initiated construction of a large complex of buildings on the grounds of the original camp. Prisoners built roads, worked in gravel pits, and drained marshes during the war.

Frequently asked Questions

Q:How many people died?

A:About 15,000 people

Q:How often were the people feed?

A:After days of traveling in the carts the people had little food and water, the prisoners would arrive weak and exhausted, often near death.

Q:What did the people wear?

A:The prisoners had to wear heavy clothes, coarse denim. When your clothes would get wet you would freeze because the clothes was so thin. They couldn't wear gloves, hats, or underwear.

Q:How many people were in a room?

A:The rooms were meant to only hold 50 people but a room normally held 500 people instead. When they would go to bed there would be 1 to 3 people per bed and they only got a little straw that would have to last them a while so they could sleep on it.