Connor's Crazy Creative Poetry

By: Connor Christian

Short, Quick, To The Point Poems

Haiku poem

The swerving deer

That jumped over the fence

Was a coyote

Limerick poem

There was a young boy from New York,

Who got constantly stabbed by a fork.

When he said, "I will hurt you"

The grown man got scared when the boy said, "BOO"

Which pleased the young boy from New York

Blank verse

My pencil is always dull,

It dropped from my desk to the floor,

It was sitting: it was also under a chair,

Then eventually turned into dust

Cinquain poem

These three

Are noisy things:

The bouncing ball... The second

before the night... The paper of one

dead tree

Acrostic poem

P: people eating food constantly will get big

O: orange slices are the best fruit you'll ever eat

P: puppy's are awesome, they always like to cuddle

C: cats are very obnoxious they always try to scratch

O: octopuses feel like a super slimy banana

R: Roses make everyone feel happy.

N: needles make animals feel really scared.

I wish poem

I wish

I didn't have monsters in my closet

And cows under my bed

And a pig in my freezer

I wish

I had a million dollars before I'm

An adult

I wish

I had a house that is a t he top of a very tall

Tree and a ladder that could float me to the top

I wish

That a super hero could fly around

the world and give every one a free penny

That would always give us good luck

And I wish

People would stop doing drugs

So the world would be a better place

I wish

I could speak to animals

That way when I tell them

To do something they will do it.

I wish

I were a dirt bike

So I could ramp things

And also make a cool noise

I used to poem

I used to be a clock

Always ticking when they hand hit 12

And I stopped the clock to make people mad

But know I'm a book

Full of very descriptive words

They read all my pages

Every time the touch my pages it tickles

I used to think my mom would ground me for the rest of my life

My sister wants me too

I don't like her

I used to feel the ocean water

But know I feel fresh water

I used to be a water bike with a propeller

Now I'm a boat

And you can drive me anywhere

I used to be a potato

Making every one laugh

But now I'm a tomato

Making people frown

Clerihew poem

Connor Christian

Looked like Ben Dixon,

He was really awesome

And had a pet possum

Payton manning

Was so hot he started fanning,

People thought he was old

But he thought they were wimpy and cold

Terse verse

Something In The Mail



Funny Animals



Found poems

Deer Hunting

That deer

Was really

Fast until

The bullet

Hit his


He fell to

The ground

I load him


And took him

For a drive

Ebuncee poem

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