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my personal special, Scentsy sale, & Spring/Summer preview..

Happy February

Welcome to my first personal Newsletter!

This Newsletter is intended for my out of state friends and customers. It will go out mid-month and it's intent is to give me an opportunity to tell you about my personal specials. This is not from the Scentsy database, so unsubscribing from this will not unsubscribe you from it.

February is a fun month for Scentsy Consultants because we get introduced to the upcoming Spring/Summer catalog (which begins on March 1). It's a fun month for my customers because that means you can SAVE on Scentsy! Nearly everything in the catalog is 10% off through February 29.

February's also a great month to sign up to become a Consultant - While supplies last, new sign-ups get BOTH Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer catalogs and wax testers for the same $99. That's about 105 1oz wax testers and one each of a number of different Scentsy products - what a bargain!! It's a great month to be a kitnapper. There's more information at the bottom of the Newsletter.

Please share this Email with any of your friends that love Scentsy - whether they are in town or not. I have clients all over the US, Canada, and Mexico (pricing in Canada and Mexico is different, of course).

Warm Wishes,


this newsletter is sent from a separate server from Scentsy's, unsubscribing from this newsletter does not unsubscribe you from that one and vice-versa

Shop online in February and help out my Fundraiser

If you need Scentsy or want to take advantage of the February sale order on my website and apply it to the Panacea Fundraiser.

AND I'm having a personal special for all online orders February 15 through March 15th (information on that below). So you'll save 10% of nearly everything when you order in February, be able to help me give to Panacea AND get some freebies!

Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary is a non profit dedicated to saving and improving the lives of animals, learn more at

(ps - if you have a non profit, I'd love to help you raise money, too!!)

How to find ScentsySharron

Are you on LinkedIn? I am,

My ONLINE Ordering Special

Get FREE Scentsy by placing your order on my website,

February 15 through March 15th, place your order on my website and get:

Orders up to $55 - Scent Circle

$55.01 - $70 - Dryer Disk

$70.01 - $85 - Scent Circle and Dryer Disk

. . . . . and the freebies will go up from there

Be patient waiting for your free goodies, I'll be mailing them mid-March.

Please apply your order to an open Party or Fundraiser, it costs me nothing extra and someone will get a little extra something!

Questions? Need help picking out scents?

Would you be interested in an Auto Refill Program?

Click the link above and learn about our Customer Loyalty Program where you get Scentsy delivered on your terms and EARN REWARDS!

your reward for scrolling through my Newsletter, a hint of what's to come with the Spring/Summer catalog

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I'm also looking for folks that LOVE scents....

to be on my Team and sell Scentsy with me. February is a great time to sign up because our Starter Kit is super sized. While supplies last, you get BOTH Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer catalogs and wax testers - that's about 100 wax testers (each 1oz) and lots of product, yours to keep or use as demonstration product or to sell.

As much as I'd love to, I can't be the Consultant to everyone across the Country. So I need your help. Sign up to be a Consultant today! Earn commission on your own purchases.

Invest in your own business - it can be a big business or a small business, the key is that it is YOURS. As long as you operate within the Scentsy Standards (aka 'rules'), you are able to operate your business however you like:

One-on-One sales


Vendor Events

Open Houses

Sign up just to make commission on your own purchases! (and know that you're family will buy from you, too)

It's your business, you're the boss. You do what you're comfortable doing - or maybe use it as an excuse to step out of your comfort zone and get out there and meet new friends. You get everything you need to get your new business started with our Starter Kit; catalogs and wax testers, postcards, flyers, 3 months of a personal website, and one each of a number of different Scentsy Products.

Scentsy is available in a number of different Countries, for $99 you'll sign up to sell in the US - there's a nominal monthly charge to sign up to sell/recruit in our other Countries (for example, I can also sell/recruit in Canada and Mexico and am thinking about adding Australia). Want to know what Countries Scentsy is in? Drop me an Email!

You already LOVE scents and Scentsy ..... why not take advantage of that love and make a little money off of it! ;)

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