Fair Day!

Calling All Kids & Kids at Heart

Join Us For a Day at the Clay County Fair!

The Fair is coming to town! Yippee! Yippee! My family loves the Fair! The rides, the food, the shows, Oh My! I mean who doesn't want to eat a funnel cake and then go ride the Zipper! (um not me thank you!)
My family is planning to go to the fair on Monday, April 4th, and if you like rides and food and shows too, then we'd like to invite you to join us. This would be just a casual meet up and hang out some or just do your own thing. I wouldn't expect that anyone would stay together for long since there's so much to see and do. Fun for all ages!

Here's the details ...

Fair Day! Monday, April 4th @ the Clay County Fairgrounds

Tickets for Admission and/or Rides can be purchased when you arrive OR Discount tickets may be purchased online before March 30th!!! (see the link below)

Admission Tickets: (this just gets you into the Fair)

Adults: $10.00 (Online advance ticket price $6.00)

Seniors (65+) $7.00 (Online advance ticket price $5.00)

Kids (6-12) $7.00 (Online advance ticket price $5.00)

Kids (5 & under) FREE


$2.00 per ride or $12.00 for an Armband for unlimited rides (that's what we do)

$18.00 for an Armband if purchased after 5:00 pm

(Online advance Armand price $15.00)

The Fair is open from 10am - 11pm on Monday. See the link below for the full schedule for that day, including shows and competitions. (My family will literally be there the entire day ... and Yes we do have CC the next day!)

No need to RSVP. You all have my cell number so if you're there, just let me know and we can try to meet up.

WARNING: If you've never been to the fair before (1) Shame On You! JK and (2) Be prepared that it is VERY crowded. You will do a lot of walking and there will be a lot of people. Plan to bring lots of water, sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes. Coolers are not allowed, however backpacks and diaper bags are (just saying.)

DID YOU KNOW? The Fair has MANY opportunities for adults and children to enter items into the exhibition competition. Everything from baking to duck tape creations, Lego buildings to artwork ... there are many ways that you or your kids can enter items into the competition and possibly when a (small) monetary prize. I have attached a link for that below as well. Be Aware that the deadline to sign up for most of these is March 25th! Don't miss out!

Hope to see some of you there! My kids need friends who like BIG rides!!!

Fair Day

Monday, April 4th, 10am-11pm

2497 Florida 16

Green Cove Spgs, FL

Parking is FREE at the Fair!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.