Abria Jackson

What is a Multimedia?

A multimedia is the use of artistic or communicative media. Examples of multimedia are games, web pages, tutorials, simulations, presentations.
Components of Multimedia
  1. Text- written words, numbers, and symbols
  2. Graphics- images such as: drawings, charts, animations, photos, tables, or graphs
  3. Audio- includes any sounds
  4. Interactivity- the user is allowed to make choices which determines the outcome of the game or experience.
  5. Video- recorded images
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How to Make A Multimedia

Step 1: Form an analysis. Determine the goals, requirements, and audience for the multimedia presentation.
Step 2: Make a design. Form on paper what you would like your multimedia to consist of. Include the information, when it should be completed, budget, and tools
Step 3: Implement. Construct an actual multimedia product to present.
Step 4: Evaluation. Go over the multimedia presentation to be sure everything is correct.
Step 5: Maintenance. Be sure to edit any mistakes observed when you had your evaluations. This should construct your finished product
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August 7, 2014