Monica Graham

A little inside to know about

Some hobbies I like to do

I like to do multiple things in my free time. I like to spend my free time hanging out with my friends and with my family. I am a leader with my youth group as well as some of the other kids in the youth group. I also like to work with my dad fixing up our old car and figuring out what parts we need to get the motor to run.

A little bit about my family

I have weird family but I wouldn't want to change anyone in my family. I have two brothers one is 24 today and the other is 20. My brother who is 20 just moved out to a apartment with his girlfriend and his bestfriend. My brother who is 24 is still living at the house with my mother and father. I am the only one currently in school at this point in time. Both of my brothers have full time jobs but at different places.


I did not really do anything for my christmas break but stay at home with my family and friends. We did not really go out of town as it was planned due to the weather. I got gift cards to many places. I got a lot of items form Mexico, because my grandparents went there for their vacation.

What I want to do when I get older/ Activities

i dont honestly know what I want to be when i get older. I have many options open for me at this moment in time. I do not participate in any sports for the school, but i am a active person for my church, i particpate in multiple activities they hold.