The Little Unicorn

Solair DiDomenico

The Little Unicorn

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Super Landya or S.L. for short, there was a little unicorn named Sinca. She was new to her school. She was a 6th grader in a middle school that went from 6th to 8th grade. Sinca was a new and smaller creature to her town, and she got bullied a lot. There was one group of creatures that was one dragon, who was the leader, and five other lizards who bullied her the most. They never would stop bullying her, and they were all 8th graders that would go and hunt her down when ever they had the chance. They would hit her, push her down, call her names, and tell fake stories about her.

Sinca was too scared to tell on them because she thought that they would get more mad and she thought that that would make them bully her more so she never told.

Eventually she told her parents and they had a big talk about what to do and she asked if she could leave her school but her parents just would not allow it. As she came back to school, more scared than ever, she continued to get bullied but each time she got bullied, she grew, not physically but mentally.

By the end of the year, she was tired of all the bullying and she fought back. She won the fight and made the others learn that they should NEVER bully again because of how it felt when she beat them up. Sinca realized she could be the mean and bigger one so she ended up bullying but she always got in trouble but she felt like she was barely doing anything and she got so mad and confused. As she was the bigger more mean one, she always bullied others but then one day she got stood up to and reminded how it felt to get bullied and then she realized, she was being the mean bully now and that she shouldn't because she remembered how it felt and then she new why she was getting in so much trouble and why it was such a big deal NOT to bully.

Sinca came to every one that she bullied and apologized felling stupid and embarrassed. After her apologizing, the president of the Super Landya or S.L. Made it illegal to bully and then they lived happily ever after.