By: Kyle H and Paul R

The life of hercules

The story of hercules


He was born on earth as a mortal, and raised as a human, with god~like strength. As he grows up, he ventures off from home to face the dangerous world which he would overcome with his strength. On his journey he will have over 100 wives being quite the player.


Us: Hercules do you have human qualities? Him: Yes, i am strong and have hair.

Us: Hercules do you have a symbol? Him: My symbols are 2 pillars and a club, my favorite weapon.

Us: How do you think people would react to you today? Him: Maybe scared because i am a big strong god.

Us: How did you feel when hera wanted to kill you? Him: Scared since my mom was trying to kill me.

Us: Do you think zeus stole your spotlight? HIm: Sometimes because he is the ruler of all gods and i fell like im in the background.

Us: Do you like lolas? Him: Yes he is my friend.

Us: Do you like moral mom or god mom? Him: Moral since my god mom tried to kill me>

Us: Do you like the movie they made out of you? Him: Yep, it was realistic and true.

Us: What bad guy did u defeat? Him: Hades.

Us: Did you adapt well in the moral world? Him: I adapted well, people where very inviting.


Michael jackson and hercules.

Same: both in heaven, both dead, god of music and god of gods, both had parents, both had long hair.

Different:Born in different years,hercules is strong and Michael is not,Michael died of drugs and hercules didn't, almost nobody hated Michael and a lot hated hercules, hercules mom tried to kill him.