Dragster results

By: Gabriella Wood

Research / Factors that effect speed

  • Trick is to have a very light weight dragster
  • Have curved surfaces
  • Make sure its skinny and light
  • Have a lift
  • Make sure your design is good and thought through a lot
  • Make sure tires are good distances apart and in correct places

What is speed?

Speed is rapidity of movement or action. To calculate speed to distance divided by time.

Technology that improves safety, gas mileage and vehicle emissions.

~By using compressed natural gas it would be a 80% cut

~By installing new spark plugs and replace air filters

~By being a smoother driver

Important factors to have car be successful

  • Have nice, smooth moving car
  • Have it be nice and skinny, plus light
  • Have wheels in good places
  • Good design
  • Arrow dynamic

Best features of car

  • Having my wheels in correct places
  • Pretty light weighted
  • Pretty smooth moving
  • Pretty thin

Negative Features of car

  • By having not big enough launch hole at first
  • Having wings on that would slow it down
  • Having more cut off and less material to move
  • Smoother sides

Mph my car goes???

I didn't think it would go that fast because of shape. But probably about 3-4 Mph.


What turned out well?

My car went faster than I expected but I wish it went faster. And the design went pretty well.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the design and cutting/carving part because we could just use our imagination.

What could be better? What would you improve or do differently next time?

I could have not put the wings on to make it go faster. And for next time I would take more material off and think the design as in speed perspective.

What was your least favorite part?

My least favorite part about the project was probably be racing it because it was a long process, but I came in third for second round racing and was only girl!!!!


My car went about 4.8 mph