Simon Cowell

The Man Who Created "One Direction".

Basic Information

Simon Cowell is a famous entrepreneur. He is an A&R English executive and television personality. He is mainly famous for his roles as a judge on competition shows. He was a judge on the hit tv show “American Idol” and “The British X-Factor.” He was also on “Pop Idol.” He dropped out of college at the age of sixteen and got a job working in a mail room at EMI Music Producing. Simon is also a record producer. He formed the label Fanfare Records in 1985 with Ian Burton. Later in 2002 he formed the label Syco Records.

Simon's Childhood

Simon Cowell was born in October 7, 1959. He has 3 half-brothers (Micheal, John, and Tony). He also has a half-sister named June. He also has multi-millionaire property executive younger brother named Nicholas. His parents names are Julie and Eric Cowell. He attended Dover College.

"If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention." -Simon Cowell

What he is currently doing

His estimated net worth is 300 million dollars in euros. He is still is working with his producing company “Syco Productions.” He created singing groups such “Fifth Harmony” and “One Direction.” His company is doing very well and is continuing to create new artists.

Simon Cowell donated 1.5 million euros to Israeli army charity. Simon has long been a supporter of The Children's Hospices. Both Simon and his Mum Julie support the RSPCA. He used to judge at their fund raising days. Simon is Honorary President to the Bridlington branch and Patron of the Brighton branch, where Julie is also a supporter.