November 19-23

What's Going This Week

This week is Social studies Supervision.

The Competition Gym is closed .

Monday-Safety Drill @9:30 am

Tuesday-Cyber safety Meeting @6:00

Wednesday-No School

Thursday- Ashley Jennings Birthday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Friday- No School

Good morning!

This will be short and sweet ...just like the week. Reminder there will be a safety drill at 9:30 am today. Please review your notes and let me know if you have any questions.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and you are able to relax and have some quality family time making memories.

Aim High and Dream Big!!


Middle School Misfortune Then and Now: Middle School 2008 VS 2018

"Smartphones and social media aren’t going anywhere. Both are powerful tools, with many benefits. But they have fundamentally altered how children interact with the world and not in a good way.