Important School Weather Update!

February 16, 2021

Hello Faithful Families,

I’m praying that every family of Faithful Academy is safe and warm inside your homes with your children. As you know, this week our state has been hit hard by historic winter weather. We Texans aren't equipped to handle the snow and ice since we don’t have it often; we also don’t know how to drive in it (or even be outside in it). This morning I read that over 4 million people across the state are without electricity which means most of those people are without heat too. Locally, in Southeast Texas, many people woke up without electricity this morning. And we also know that the power company is turning electricity off/on in areas so not to overload the grids.

We had hoped to open school back up on Wednesday. However, the forecast is showing another freeze for Thursday extending the unsafe driving conditions the remainder of this week. Because of this we deem it necessary to close FA the remainder of the week to ensure the safety for all families, teachers, and faculty.

Our FA teachers have some on-going assignments that had previously been assigned that students should be continuing to work on this week, as well as, some short assignments that are will be posted either today or tomorrow on Google Classroom. Please have your child check Classroom a few times a day for the rest of the week for updates.

If you have a child in Mrs. Cindy Tomlinson's tribe of Dan, she will be reaching out to you personally through dojo messenger for lessons.

Mrs. Karen will be contacting parents of the tribe of Benjamin with assignments and activities for students of this tribe.

Students from Levi & up are responsible for checking Classroom for assignments and activities that will be due upon our return, or that have been assigned previously.

Should you have any questions about assignments in Classroom, please use the DoJo system during regular school hours (8:30 - 3:30) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to message teachers directly.

Also, Please check Class DoJo for school updates, and continue to pray for relief from this cold weather pattern across Texas and for the rest of our country and those who are suffering because of this Arctic air.

In His love & mercy,

Mrs. Rhonda Daley