Perseverance is Vital

By: Angela Liang

What is Perseverance?

People need to perseverance in an everyday life. Without it we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. You need perseverance to achieve things.

Perseverance ~ steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Eleanor Roosevelt

All her life, she's been called an ugly duckling. Her dad favored her over her other sisters. That's why her mom didn't like her. She grew afraid and she felt scared of many thing. When she went to college, she joined a sports team and she was really good at it so she gained respect from her peers. When she was an adult, she turned her adversities and her phobias into strength and perseverance so she could make a change in the world.

The Chilean Miners

The miners were trapped in the mine and they had to work together to all stay alive. They had to ration their food and the water had oil it. They had to live down there for about 69 days. Even when they were finally found, they still had to wait for them to get everything set up for them to go up unharmed. They persevered and eventually they got through all the adversities about being trapped in the mine. The workers trying to get the miners out were

Orphans ( Short Film )

Ahmad and Fizi were both orphans. They didn't have parents or ay other relatives. While everyone went back home for the holidays to see their parents an relatives, Ahmad and Fizi stayed back at the school. That night, Ahmad took out a picture of his mom and he said that he wanted to go visit her. Even with Fizi being blind, he said that he would help Ahmad go visit his mother. He trusted him enough and they started packing for the trip. They went to the train station and asked to buy tickets but, it was late at night, and everyone was trying to go back home, they couldn't get any tickets. They had no choice so they snuck into a truck and off they went. Soon enough the next morning, they were there and Ahmad finally got to visit his mother's grave.