We Need To Protect National Parks!

Why Do We Need National Parks?

National Parks protect very important nautral herritage : Amazing landscapes,extaordinary wildlife and beautiful forests. Together with other protected plants and animals they form the basis of our ecosystem and social wellbeing, draw millions of people yearly and help protect Australia's unique wildlife by acting as a refudge for threated species.

Natural Values

Our National Parks form the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation in Australia, containing important habitats that provide safe havens in which animals and plants live : survive. With other areas being protected they make a "backbone".


National Parks make a boost to Australia's wealth with nature based tourism bringing a whoping $23 billion into the country every year. The Great Barrier Reef by itself attracted $6 billion a year. Also by one analysis these "ecosytem services" are worth US $33 trillion a year. This money may be used for the National Park or charity.

Social and cultural values

NSW's National Parks are alive with history. From ancient Aboriginal artwork to houses left over from early European people settlements, our National Parks serve.
This needs to convince you to protect National Parks. This is my news, so far my best and longest ( i think )