Its the best place to shop


Physical- Columbus has the same kinds of animals and plants any city has, like trees, flowers, squirrels, birds, ect.

Human-Mostly Catholic, they usually travel by cars or buses, they have tons of fairs and festivals, the Ohio state fair is one of the largest fairs in the U.S.A


absolute- 39 degrees north and 83 degrees west

relative- It is in Ohio and right above Kentucky and West Virginia


Columbus, OH is in the metropolitan region which includes Delaware, Madison, Perry,ect.


People can move here for lots of shopping but a bad thing is that its really busy

Human and environment interaction

There are all four seasons in Columbus and so that means you have to buy a warm winter coat for the really cold winters, tank tops and shorts for the Spring and Summer and light weight jackets for the Fall. Since Columbus is a city they have knocked down many trees and wildlife to make buildings and factories.