Staying safe online

Rights and Responsibilities

The Age of Criminal Responsibility

What age do you think the Criminal Age of Responsibility is? Ten.

If the child commits a crime under the age of ten the responsibility falls on their parents or guardians. Meaning if a five year old commits murder the five year old's parents would go to prison and the child put in to care.

However if the child is over the age of ten they can be prosecuted and sent to prison themselves.


Did you know that if you are being bullied over the internet via text, e-mail, Facebook... the bully can be prosecuted? It's True!

Cyber Bullying is the worst type of bullying as it is impossible to get away from. If you are bullied at school you can feel safe at home and there are ways of getting away from it. However if you are being cyber bullied escape is impossible as the message will still be on your phone every time you look at it, it will still be on your Facebook and e-mail etc.

Therefore If someone has been repeatedly bullying someone over the internet (cyberbullying) they can be prosecuted under the Malicious Communications Law of 1988.

Age of Consent

When do you think the Age of Consent is? Sixteen

What happens if you consent under the age of sixteen?

The age of consent is the legal age where you are allowed to have sex with someone. If you are under the age of sixteen and asked to perform a sexual act by someone that person can be prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003.

If your under thirteen there are no defenses for the person in court.


Sexting is when you send or receive an inappropriate picture of someone. It is against the Law (even if you consented to send it to them) the person is in possession of an indecent image of a child.

If you are under the age of eighteen and involved in Sexting you can be prosecuted and be sent to prison under the Sexual Offences Act 2003! No questions asked (even if you are boyfriend and girlfriend)!

Plus its disgusting!

Think!!! What happens when you break up with each other? What do you think he/she is going to do? There is nothing you can do. The photo is at their disposal they can do whatever they like with it now that they have it.

Be careful what you put on the internet it can be seen by anyone not just your friends and once its up their you can't get rid of it "The internet never forgets!".