adoption / traction


Our strategy

Our strategy is to first attract children-specific game and app publishers to add Kindergram sharing into their apps via an easy to use SDK.The SDK and an in-app sharing UI allows kids to share their accomplishments through screenshots and badges to the Kindergram network.

social is viral

For app publishers, our SDK provides no-cost, free advertising for their app and greater engagement with users with no risk. This is exactly how applications like Instagram grow their network with the ability to share via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Discovery is Social

For kids, the motivation is obvious, they want a way to share their in-app accomplishments and creations with the world. Any game embedding Kindergram functionality will link to the Kindergram app for kids to sign-up and start sharing.

we make discovery viral

Once they create a Kindergram account, kids will be eager to create content and to find their friends and follow them, and vice-versa. The larger the social network expands, it will attract more apps that will want to embed the Kindergram SDK and start gaining the benefits of free advertising via social network exposure.

Virtuous cycle

In other words, the more we centralize games, the more we centralize users. The more we get users, the more we attract app publishers. Our solution is a virtuous circle designed to grow database & users community fast.

Golden egg

We have a strong & smart strategy to get our first users. Wanna know how? I’d be glad to share it with you in a meeting interview.