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HJH Staff Newsletter - March 2018

Lucky to be Learning at HJH

We are seeing some great things in our walkthroughs and SMART walks. I'm always so impressed at how you all take every ounce of instructional time and spend it on learning.

Beyond regular class times, we have times built into the day when we can teach, reteach, and spiral skills with students. It is critical to every student's success that we look at each student's data and target their needs every opportunity that we get. Here are times and ways that we can be extra intentional:

  • Whole group instruction based on current scope & sequence (AKA Normal Lessons)
  • Whole group mini-lessons to reteach skills that most students struggle with
  • 3-5 warm-ups/bell ringers to remind students of skills we don't get to reteach
  • Small groups during class time
  • Targeted groups/SE focus during Enrichment time
  • Targeted groups/SE focus during Study Hall

That is a WHOLE LOT OF WAYS that we are fortunate to get content-specific time with kids. Let's make them count!

2018-2019 Calendar

  • Click HERE to link the the calendar

  • There will be 7 "flex" days this year. Please mark these required dates down so you don't vacation over them. Math people - we are working on a couple of dates for late July for some in-depth training.

  • October 12th and February 15th are Early Release for STUDENTS ONLY. Staff need to plan on being at school until 3:45. The way it looks on calendar I can see where someone would mistake that and wanted to make sure that everyone knew so you can make appropriate plans for child care since they will not be able to stay in your rooms for the afternoon.