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September 28- October 2

Upcoming Events

This Week:

Lounge Duty: Specialists

Jared Coones Prep Week--If you have a Pumpkin Run Shirt, you can wear it this week with jeans.

Fire Drill this week

Monday Sept. 28 A Day

Tuesday Sept. 29 B Day


10:30 3rd Grade PLC

12:00 2nd Grade EPLC

Wednesday Sept. 30 C Day

2:30 1st Grade PLC

Thursday October 1 D Day

9:30 4th Grade PLC

2:30 Kindergarten PLC

Tailgate Luncheon

Friday October 2 E Day

Happy Birthday Tom!

1:30 5th Grade PLC

Next Week:

Lounge Duty: Office Staff

Bully Awareness Week

Monday October 5 A Day

1:00 Impact World Assembly

Tuesday October 6 B day


9:30 4th Grade EPLC

10:30 3rd Grade EPLC

7:00 District Site Council

Wednesday October 7 C Day

International Walk to School Day (more information coming)

8:30- 11:30 Trisha at Administrative Staff Meeting

12:30 2nd Grade PLC

2:30 1st Grade PLC

4:00 Faculty Meeting

Thursday October 8 D Day Day

Happy Birthday Rollie and Bertine!

End of 1st Quarter

3:45 FLU shot clinic here

7:00 PTA Meeting

Friday October 9 E Day

No Students/ Building Professional Day

AM--Drilling Down the Standards

PM--Grade Card Prep

Bully Awareness Week October 5-9

This week I will be scheduling a time that I can come into each of your classrooms to do a read aloud to go with our Bully Awareness Week. Jessica and I have worked out some special events that we will be having the students participate in for this week. Our Impact World Assembly will be the kick off for this--and it will have a positive message about following the right kind of heroes.

We will get you the schedule of events this week.


Please remember to send all attachments in parent communication you send as pdfs rather than in the original soft-ware format. Many parents are unable to open programs such Word or Publisher.

What is trending...

What’s Trending

The Teacher's iPadoPedia The largest compilation of uses for iPads in the classroom ever assembled; clearly presented, comprehensively cross-referenced, filled with images and video tours of the apps discussed, and sorted by what teachers actually do each day. Rather than focusing on iPad’s features, this guide answers a more fundamental question for teachers: how can iPad help me do my job? For elementary and secondary school teachers of all subjects, this iPads-in-education guide was created by one of music education’s best known writers and presenters.

See more screenshots and a complete contents listing at

Child Who Inspires me...I love his creativity!

Caine's Arcade

iPad Keyboards

We have 30 iPad Keyboards that you can check out through the library. The keyboards are located in the Library office in the cabinet in front of the Ricoh machine. You can use the clipboard to check out as many as you need. Each keyboard is in a box and is numbered. See Beth, Joan, or Jean for more information.

Recycled Information regarding Technology

iOS 9 Update

Please note that the iOS 9 update has been released. As apps are added to your iPads by the facilitators, the update will be automatically added. Please note that not all apps have been tested with the iOS update and you may encounter issues. Vendors will work through the issues and provide an iOS 9 compatible update in the App store.

OPSEdTech Website

We are announcing the launch of the OPSEdTech website. This website is currently accessible under the O-Zone and provides assistance for iPad-related classroom instructional technology integration as well as multiple other types of instructional use of technology. The site is dynamic and will be updated weekly with additional resource materials. This week we will be adding multiple instructional videos for staff. This is the site teachers will need to access to sign up for Training or Professional Development.

Have an awesome week!