6th Grade Happenings

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Congratulations to the following 6th graders who participated at the VAMS Spelling Bee! 1st row: Alexis Sevarino, Hope Beckett, Samantha Moore, 2nd row: Gavin Montgomery, Maddox Michener, Tanner Santee

Social Studies - Mrs. Edmondson

Students learned about key physical features and human activity that affect river systems (the Nile River)as they flow across the surface of Earth.

Students are learning about the ways people have adapted to living in the varied environments of a desert region. They will investigate three environments of the Saharan region—the desert, the oases, and the Sahel.

Reading-Mrs. Sevarino

The students have started reading, A Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen, this week. This book is a historical fiction book about Charley Goddard who enlisted in the First Minnesota Volunteers. He was 15. He didn't know what a "shooting war" meant or what he was fighting for. But he didn't want to miss out on a great adventure.

The "shooting war" turned out to be the horror of combat and the wild luck of survival and how it feels to cross a field toward the enemy, waiting for fire. When he entered the service he was a boy. When he came back he was different; he was only 19, but he was a man with a "soldier's heart".

In VAULT, students are reading Counting by 7's by Holly Goldberg Sloan. This is a story about Willow Chance, a 12 year old girl who has been identified at an early age as "gifted". Willow lives in Bakersfield, California and comes home from school one day to the news that her parents have been killed in a traffic accident. What follows is Willow's search to find a place where she belongs.

In equal parts an exploration of the pain of loss and of the triumph of moving forward, the novel looks at how one person can change the lives of many, often without even trying.

Our next book battle will be the week after spring break, so make sure your child is reading their book battle book:).

Just a friendly reminder, homework is given on Monday and due on Friday.

Language Arts - Mrs. Atchison

Wow! We all feel like we've stepped back in time to the Middle Ages. The students are finding that Medieval Europe was a LOT different than today! Students are researching topics such as castles, knights, weapons of ALL kinds (and there were PLENTY of them!), armor, the plague, clothing, food, and education. It's cool to see them find startling information and share it with their friends.

This is a fun and challenging assignment. We've just started, so we're we'll be conducting our research and recording facts on note cards for several days. A vocabulary list, an illustration, and a bibliography are all required, so it'll take awhile. We'll still be working on it when you hear from me again!

Science--Coach Murray

Just finished up the rock cycle. The students had to be able to identify types of rock by the process of their formation. We did a awesome three day lab where the the student took three crayons and shaved them down into sediments (weathering), them deposited them into a foil wrapper, and put them in a text book and sat on book to resemble compaction and cementation. This process created a sedimentary rock (sedimentation and pressure). The next day we heated the sedimentary rock with a candle and then applied same pressure with book and made a metamorphic rock (heat and pressure). The last day of our lab we created a igneous rock from our sediments and metamorphic rock by melting it completely down into liquid wax (magma from the mantle) and them letting it cool and harden into a igneous rock (melting-cooling-hardening)

The kids i think really enjoyed the hands on experience and learned a tremendous amount about the rock cycle.

Next lesson and rest of 9 weeks will be centered around Space and our Solar System.

Math-Mrs. Rogers

Multiple representations, expressions, and equations, oh my! These are the new concepts we are working on. They are challenging but the students are catching on. We have a special guest coming on Monday, February 1st to talk about how they use math in there everyday life. She is also bringing a sweet treat for team hulk!