Champion Charmers Team Update

2015 Team Incentive

Beginning this month, our 2015 Team Incentive will change. For the coming 12 months, anyone who has qualifying PV ($100) in that month will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. The prize will be different each month. In addition to PV, you must also be a member of our Champion Charmers facebook group to be entered to win.

Champion Charmers Facebook Group

It is very important that you participate in this group. It is the quickest way to receive important information. When something is happening fast, I will most likely not have the time to create a flyer to email out. I will post to the Facebook group, so please be sure that you, and any of your own team members are on the page. If you are not on Facebook, please consider joining, if only to stay informed about OO. You can join with an alias (not your real name) and only use it for OO purposes. In addition to our group, there are other groups with good ideas and suggestions on how to grow your business. It is the fastest way to get questions answered or find help when you need it.