The career author

By Leah Dalton

Why did I want to be a author?

Well I've always loved reading and especially poetry.

I've always been a good writer too.

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Job Description

There is plenty of different things writers do like writing magazines or writing manuals for a company. Writers even write text books. Writers write books too such as non fiction or dystopian genres.

Working Conditions

There are quite a few different writer habitats. Writers work in offices, at home, magazines,

newspapers, radio, and television stations. Some writers work 3 or 4 hours a day but not all sometimes it can be even longer.

How much do authors earn?

Authors earn between$28,000 and $106,000 dollars.

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Education necessary for becoming an author.

Authors need to know about the place they will be working in.

Normally non fiction writers need a degree.

Fiction writers do not need a formal post secondary education. Fiction writers do need broad liberal arts education, courses in philosophy, anthropology, art history, and other classical classes.

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Cons Of Being A Writer

Some cons of being an author: working for a really long time, Being too busy, Running out of ideas, getting stuck on a deadline,