Keeping Up With The Kennedy

January 12, 2020- Issue 17

Mrs. Oshry's Class

To end their reading workshop unit about nonfiction, students created posters to share information they learned about their favorite nonfiction topic! Students will share their posters next week as part of their end of unit celebration!

Mrs. Hershman's Class

Their weekly theme was snow. At the writing center, kids wrote about a picture showing a snowball fight. They made snowflakes with pattern blocks at the block center. They made "snowball" sight words by covering the sight words with round white stickers at the fine motor center. The kids listened to Snow Friends at the Listening Center and drew a picture of their favorite character. The Telian sound they were focusing on this week was "s" and the kids worked with straws, scissors and string to make bracelets and necklaces. At the handwriting center, the kids practiced writing the letters Kk & Tt.

Mrs. Myerson's Class

During math workshop, students worked on making a 10 to help them add and used rekenreks math tool with colored beads) and dice to help with adding three numbers.

Mr. Beck's Wellness Class

Kindergarten students created “safety people puppets” and talked about ways that these people can keep everyone safe. First and second graders worked on healthy ways to relieve stress by practicing some yoga. Fifth graders learned about bullying through an “escape room” lesson. Students had to work together to solves puzzles and find clues in order to “escape” the room by the end of class
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Shrek Jr. the Musical

Please Save the Date for our 5th graders production Shrek Jr. the Musical.

January 24th and 25th @ 7pm.

Avoid the lines and Click below for Pre-Sale tickets

Upcoming Events

January 13 Mallet Madness

January 15 Winter Concert 10:30

Play Rehearsal

January 16 Kids for Peace

Play Rehearsal

January 17 Play Rehearsal

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