Duncanrig Secondary

Professional Development Update

Issue 7

Providing feedback, and having students act upon that feedback, is really what teaching is all about. We, as teachers, help students move from what they are able to do now to what they will be able to do with our help. We assess current performance, provide feedback on that performance, and allow them the time and space to work on that feedback in order to reach the next level. Easy. Well, not really. Providing feedback can be the most onerous task we face everyday and getting students to act upon it can be even more problematic. Hopefully this issue will provide one or two strategies to make this easier.


Responding to Student Writing Using the iPhone Memo App

How to ensure they use it

This clip explains one teacher's use of podcasts to give feedback. The reality is that if they don't use our feedback, and aren't given time to work on that feedback, then significant progress will be very difficult. There are no hard and fast rules, but, no doubt, many different strategies which work in different circumstances. This newsletter offers some examples but it would be good if we could gather others from across our school.

Next Issue

Again, all suggestions are welcome. I'm hoping to deal with Classroom Management so if you have any thoughts or suggestions please pass them on.