All things about Cocaine/ Crack

Street Names/ How its used


Street names:


apple jacks electric piece

badrock kool-aid prime time

ball fat bags product

base french fries raw

beat glo rocks(s)

candy gravel rock star

chemical grit rox/ roxanne

cloud hail scrabble

cookies Hard ball sleet

crack hard rock snow coke

crumbs hotcakes sugar block

crunch and munch ice cube topo (spanish)

devil drug jelly beans tornado

dice kryptonite troop



How its used:





History of the Drug

History of the drug: the use of this drug can date back to three thousand years ago, crack cocaine was developed during the cocaine boom of the 1970’s. It got really popular and began to spread around everywhere in the mid 1980’s. In the late 1970’s, there was a ship that got caught by the police carrying a lot of cocaine powder in it. With this happening, this caused the original price of the drug to drop by 80%, since they had no other choice but to drop the prices for their illegal product.

Pictures of Cocaine

Cocaine is very easy to get addicted to, and unless you are in rehab or have medical help, only 1 in 4 people can quite Cocaine on their own. Its Dangerous.

Statistics of Cocaine

Statistics: the highest rate of cocaine use happens with young adults, ages 18-25. Cocaine use has gotten so bad, that at least in 10 employees know someone that uses cocaine during their job or works under the influence of it. And at least 90% of people who use cocaine started out with some other drug, such as Marijuana, or alcohol. And at least 25% of adults have tried cocaine once in their lives. Cocaine is used a lot, and, as I have said before, it is used by a lot of young teens/ adults. Cocaine is the 3rd most common drug found in high schools and college as well.

Short Term Effects

Cocaine can make the person using it feel energetic talkative, mentally alert, little things like that. Their sight, sound, and touch also becomes more sensitive, especially the light seem a lot brighter and the talking sounds a lot louder. These short term effects can last from the first use and disappear in a few hours.

Long term Effects

Long term effects for Cocaine would be damaging nerves, slow reactions, if you have just had so much, you can loose your sense of touch in some places, it can increase your heart rate, your body temperature will go up, and the long term effects and risks go on and on and on.