Pigion Robop

Ty Gilreath

How is the robot taught to preform its task? What sensors does the robot and how does the robot use these sensors

My robot does not have sensors. It is controlled by a remote.

What task does this robot preform and what human functions or task does this robot simulate

The pigion ropob is a pigion removal system. It is flied around and is a non lethal falcon that goes around and scares rodents or birds that building nets in cities or just getting on people nerves

Advantages and Disadvantageous

Since this robot is mainly used around big buildings it could get stuck in the cracks of a building where the pigeons build their nest or it could mouth-function and come falling down and possibly hit someone. an advantage would be keeping pigeons out of big cities which would make them possibly happier and definitely safer for the pigeon.

Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience?

This robot could make people happier because their wouldn't be pigeons sitting on rails while their eating at a restaurant or just make buildings look better causing better business.

What type of jobs /careers can this robot has had create to provide employment for people?

This robot could provide a job for someone who can remotely control and fly this falcon or eagle around big buildings

Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to preform or different task in the future?

I think this robot could be a drone and people might this robot would be a falcon or eagle. It could bomb enemies and they wouldn't even know what hit them.


This robot has a body length of 23 inches and a 47 inch wing spand and can fly up to 50 miles per hour.

Where is this robot used and what is its work envelope?

My robot has three degrees of freedom up and down.