Alegria Coffee

By: Harshita D. Christian S. Sriram P.

About Us

Alegria Coffee is a coffee company that specializes in organic, sustainably grown coffee. It is grown in the fertile fields of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and shipped all over the US for coffee-lovers everywhere!

Site and Situation Factors

Site Factors

  • Clear, Flat Land
  • Sparse Vegetation
  • Urbanized, Non-Residential Area
  • Warm/Moist Subtropical Climate
  • Good Soil Quality
  • Cheap Labor Force

Situation Factors

  • Proximity to arable land (to grow coffee) so transportation costs for coffee plantations to factory are reduced
  • Near a tributary or river for hydroelectric power/irrigation for plantation
  • Proximity to markets so transportation costs for coffee factory to markets
  • Distance to fertilizing plants, machinery repair shops, etc. so factory and plantation can run smoothly
  • Located near a highway for easier transportation

Transportation and Profits

Transportation systems utilized

Our coffee is transported to commodity exchanges and markets as well as processing factories by large trucks that travel across roads and highways.

Transnational or Not?

Coffee is consumed all over the word yet can only be grown in certain environments. To maximize our efficiency and land we will maintain a small corporation that spans US and Mexico. This means that coffee will be grown in a certain location (Mexico) and sold in different location (US) in order to maximize profits.

ways to vertically integrate the company

  • The plantations will be owned by farmers who have signed contracts with us so they follow our regulations and are the source of our product (they will make the beans using our methods)
  • Beans will she shipped to the processing factory by our employees.
  • Finished products will be shipped from factory to the market by our employees, instead of hiring another company for transportation.
  • Advertising and Marketing will be done completely by our company.

Sustainable Agriculture

In a time where GMO's, hazardous fertilizers, and damaging pesticides are common in most farms, our company is dedicated to creating coffee without disturbing the environment. Our farms are irrigated with a drip-irrigation system so that plants can get adequate water without draining out nearby lakes and rivers. Our fertilizer is a manure-based nitrogen that doesn't harm wildlife/ecosystem or water supplies. We have extended our eco-friendly system into our factories which run on a combination of wind energy, hydroelectricity, and natural gas.
(above) Harvested coffee beans before they have been dried and roasted in the factories

the coffee bean process: from plant to bean

The Finished Product!

Organic, Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans!