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We are so glad you have decided to join our fun, supportive group of Boss Babes! Glitter Girls Facebook group page is a place where you can ask questions, seek advice, and share the joy with one another. Check out this S'more for some beginner tips,

tricks and resources!


Two words you may have heard from your sponsor are Jump Start and Quick Start.

Jump Start is your first 60 days as a stylist. The purpose of the Jump Start program is to provide new stylists a strong foundation with which to begin their business and establish a path of long-term success! You will earn 10-20% of product credit for everything you sell in your first 60 days to hep build your display! The more you show, the more you sell and you will earn some serious style swag along the way!

Quick Start is your first 30 days as a stylist. You have the opportunity here to earn back your investment as well as other perks like $100 product credit when you sell $1000, $300 product credit for sponsoring and helping them qualify and more! Check out the pics below.

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Get More Bang out of Your Business


You also might see these fun little shout outs to members of our team and even for yourself! What this means is that you have sold $500 and have qualified for the month. This is a great pace to set for your business. When you sell this every month, you get extra perks like business credits and opportunities to score even more free swag like Style Fix Coupons explained later.

Business Credits

Who wants to pay for catalogs and other supplies?? Not me! When you qualify, you get a percentage of business credits added to your account to order these catalogs and other business supplies that you can find online.

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There's an App for That

Apps really help run our business on the go. Let's face it, most of what we do is connecting with customers while on the go, running errands, during planning period, at lunch, in between naptime and dinner, and more. Here are a few recommended apps for new Stylists to make life that much easier.

Expensify- free- This will help you keep track of Expenses for your Stella business. Every bag or necklace you order, miles you cover heading to trunk show, business supplies you purchase, happy hour with your team, or that cup of coffee with a potential stylist can be written off as a tax expense. There are other items you can write off, but talk to your tax specialist.

Word Swag- See that fun photo above with the cool photo and font? The one that says Congrats, Stacey.....? Yeah, that was created with Word Swag. It's how we congratulate our team members, announce sales, use to create cool images, and thank our customers in virtual shows. It's the best $3.99 you can spend, and, guess what? It's a tax write-off!

Photo Grid- free- is another digital photo app and allows you to create photo collages

Red Stamp-free- download this app to create customizable Stella and Dot invitations. Click on Collections and start personalizing! You can print these or text them to your hostess to send out to her guests.

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Style-Fix Pass

When you qualify every month, you are on your way to earning even more style swag! You can earn a coupon for either $200 in product credit for just $69 or $500 of product credit for $99! Check out how to earn these below.
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How to Find YOUR Personal Link

Click on the toggle arrow next to your picture for the drop down menu. Then Personal Website.

The Manage My Website screen will show, and you click on the View My Site link below the UPDATE SITE button. From there you will see your site and the link will be in the bar above.

Make sure you have uploaded a photo of yourself into your account. This photo is sent to all of your customers and people will see that on your personal site! My site is
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How to Book a Trunk Show

Ok, so now you're excited to get started, and you have a few hostesses who want to help you out. (Think low-hanging fruit, by the way. Ask your best friends, mother, sisters, neighbors, etc. to host for you).

Here's how you do it:

Log into your account, click on Trunk Shows near the top, book trunk show, and you will get a window that pops up for you to fill out info about your hostess. Once you've chosen whether it's online or in person and your date, book that show by clicking Book a Trunk Show at the bottom. And that's it! Super easy.

Her link is live now and she can start getting some outside orders before her show has even started! (Encourage her to do that.)

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Hostess Coaching

Congrats on booking your trunk show! Next is the most important step to ensure the success of your party and some serious style swag for your hostess. You and your hostess are a team, so work it to your advantage! The more she communicates with her guests the better.

Hostess Tips from Sara and Michelle

How to engage her -

  • Tell her she is your partner! You two will work together to make sure her guests have a great time!
  • Encourage her to invite plenty of friends...this can be a numbers game! We expect 25% to come to a live show, so asking her to invite 40 generally yields around 10 guests. 10 = a fabulous sales night for you and more rewards for her!
  • Encourage her to try on and wear the jewels, and to get her friends playing dress-up too!
  • After, give her the TS link to follow up with girls who couldn't make it. TS shopping links are open for 3 weeks after the show.

  • For virtual shows, I encourage the hostess to invite at least 75 people. About 10% will engage and shop and online show, so again it is a numbers game.
  • Some stylists will suggest to make it more personal and invite around 40 with REAL invitations even though it is a virtual. It's up to you and your hostess.
  • Have your hostess message around 20 guests, the top shoppers/friends when the invites go out.
  • Use Red Stamp to text out images and pictures like "Wine is Chilling! Can't wait to see you at the Online Trunk Show"
  • Even though it's a virtual, encourage her to take catalogs to work and share with friends and neighbors as though it is a Live show! I can not tell you how many outside orders I have received from guests who weren't even involved in the show!

PS - I can't tell you how many of my hostesses have turned into S&D stylists! I was a hostess first myself. AND you never know...your hostess might be your business partner some day!

Where'd You Get That Pic?

Since many of us do our business online, photos are important to show how are pieces are styled. There are many Stella and Dot groups that provide great style boards, collages, images, etc.

Have your sponsor add you to these sites:
Stella and Dot PolyVore pics
Stella and Dot Favorite Images

Follow on Instagram:



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So.... I'm in, like a billion groups....

Ok, so one of the best parts about being a Stella and Dot Stylist, aside from all the swag we get just for doing this fun side gig, is the support we get from our stylist community.

I know I might be a little biased, and I'm sure there are other fabulous teams out there but I truly feel that we have one of the best teams in the country. Not just Glitter

Girls, but Golden Dots, Emerald City, and Ruby Reds are all filled with incredibly supportive women doing the stylist gig with us. These Facebook Group pages are an incredible resource for us. The leaders challenge us to pursue our goals and provide incredible incentives for having fun and hanging out with the girls!

Here's how it works for our team ladder in order of closeness:

Glitter Girls: Sara Bedwell is our fab leader.

Golden Dots: Kristen Fine is Sara's Upline and an incredible resource for our team.

Emerald City: Angie Clifton is Kristen's Upline and another great cheerleader

Ruby Reds: Tara is our Director and is such an inspiration for our teams. You'll often see her in videos on the Ruby Red page cheering us all on.

Some other groups to think about joining.....

Stella and Dot Online Trunk Shows

Smarter Stella and Dot Facebook Trunk Shows

All the Single Earrings

S&D Extraordinary

How do I place an order for a customer?

First, YAY!!! You have an order! Isn't it the best feeling when you see that little "weekly paycheck" number go up?

To place an order on your end, you go to your lounge, click on Trunk Shows, and choose a trunk show to order in. Click on the toggle arrow near Actions and choose Place Customer Order. From there, you will type in the customer's name and, if they are already a customer, it will show up with their email on the right of the first line. If they are new, well, you need to type all that info in the boxes. When finished, click Add Customer.

You will see a search box on the next page and that is where you enter your items the customer wants. When you are all finished with that, be sure to offer the Trunk Show Exclusives when they spend $50. You will see something that will say "This order qualifies for TSEOs." I usually tell my customers that their order qualifies for our 50% off sale items." The word Sale perks their little ears up a bit, and I can usually add one or two before finishing the order.

Go to checkout and get their credit card info and place the order below.

Split Payment

You might see this button on the payment info page. Split Payment is one way that stylists offer free shipping, or if customers want to pay with two separate cards. You click Split Payment and enter their CC info for card 1 and then if you are offering free shipping, you can enter in your CC info in card two. Be sure to specify the amount that goes on card 2 as 5.95 before you process the order. An easier way to offer this optional stylist incentive is to PayPal them the $5.95 through Friends and Family.

Most Importantly......Have Fun!

This opportunity is all about styling your life and getting the most out of this fun gig.

Will you hear nos when you ask for people to host a trunk show?

YES you will, probably more often than yesses, but what matters is that you aren't afraid to ask because you literally never know who will be your yes! They aren't judging you for asking. They aren't mad that you asked. Who knows? They might come back around and ask to host down the road!

It's ok to ask a lot of questions. Just ask Sara, I asked a TON of questions and I still do on occasion. It is ok to not know everything, so do not worry if a customer asks you something and you have to respond with "let me see if I can find that information for you."

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Your positivity is what made you a fun hostess, and people will equally love you as a stylist. Stay positive, and enjoy the ride. That positivity will attract more potential hostesses and stylists to you like no other!