Pediatric Nurse

A joy with children !

Job Description

Pediatric nurses provide preventative and acute care in all settings to children and adolescents. As a Pediatric Nurse, you’ll also teach your patients’ parents and family members how to prevent childhood diseases, and about proper nutrition for growth and development. PNP’s (Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) perform physical exams, diagnose illness and injury, and provide education and support to patients’ families. Pediatric Nurses often work in Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) with pediatricians and other health care providers. Pediatric Nurses are registered nurses. PN’s and PNP’s work in many different doctor’s offices and community-based settings to hospitals and critical care facilities.

Type of schooling necessary / Where can you receive your education

Pediatric nurses are registered nurses (RNs) and usually have four-year Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degrees (BSNs). Four-year college.

Boston College , Case Western reserve university ,

Catholic University of America , CUNY Lehman college , Emory Uniersity , Georgia health sciences university , etc.

Pay entry , pay scale , and benefits

A first year nurse might expect to earn $35,000 to $54,000 depending on the location and type of pediatric nursing.

Most employers offer nursing professionals medical benefits including vision and dental insurance. Vacation and sick time packages are usually included. Flexible work shifts and employer paid continuing education are available for many nurses. Since skilled pediatric nurses are being highly demanded, job stability should be considered a benefit. The specialized skills demanded translate to better job security.

The average salary for a pediatric nurse was $78,000 per year as of January 2013. For an RN with pediatric training, the figure is $62,000. It also depends on your training or how long you been a nurse , stuff like that. The longer you are a nurse the more money you earn , but you have to earn it.Some annual salaries for RN’s are $65,470 and for NP’s its $89,960. It all depends on your training and how far in your career you are.

Resources for finding a job in this field

Professional associations , funding opportunities , Enrichment programs , Schools and Academic programs , or

Teresa Mackenzie , RN , CPN , CCM

“I love being a nurse because there are so many exciting, challenging and satisfying places to work that allow us to serve our community. The Pediatric Care Center (PCC) is above all my favorite place to do just that. We have opportunities in the PCC to provide care to the whole family. We are especially blessed to have the opportunity to watch our patients grow and develop. I am taking care of the children of the patients I cared for 20 years ago. The special needs patients and their families have a special place in my heart because every little thing that we do whether it is to assist with acquiring community resources, give a hug, or provide support during a medical crisis, every small gesture counts. Every developmental milestone achieved is a major accomplishment. The PCC staff and residents work so well together and genuinely care for one another. A perfect day for me is when a young patient runs to give me

A hug. I am truly blessed that the PCC chose me, twice, to be a part of their team.”

Ingrid Gonzalez MSN , RN , CPN

“Working within the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Nursing Department has been a rewarding experience. I started here fresh out of nursing school and have grown professionally thanks to the guidance and support of my peers”.

Additional Information about PN's

Primary Care services

· “Well child” examinations

· Routine developmental screenings

· Diagnosis and treatment of common childhood illness

· Anticipatory guidance regarding common child health concerns

· Delivery of immunizations

· Performance of school physicals

Acute care and specialty services

· Caring for acutely , chronically or critically ill

· Performing in-depth physical assessments

· Interpreting results of laboratory and diagnostic tests

· Ordering medications and performing therapeutic treatments.

They focus on a pediatric specialty area, such as cardiology, dermatology , gastroenterology or oncology.