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The interesting History of Panama

Panama used to be controlled by Colombia. It gained independence from Colombia in 1903. Panama is now independent. The official language is Spanish. The flag (shown below) is divided into four equal parts. The upper right section is red. The bottom left section is blue. The upper left section has a blue star in the middle of a white background. The bottom right is the same but with a red star.
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Panama is in Central America, bordering the Carribean Sea, and the North Pacific Ocean. Between Colombia and Costa Rica. Three physical features are the very famous Panama Canal, rigged mountains, and plaines.

Political and Economic info!

The type of government Panama has is constitutional democracy. The leader is president Ricardo Martenelli. The currency of Panama is Balboa. Also, the Economic system Panama has is capitalism.

Tourist alert! Places to visit in Panama

Panama has many geographical features that everyone can enjoy. Panama also has many fun activities like fishing. Some places to visit are Coiba, the largest island in Central America, Sendero Los Quetzales, one of Panamas most beautiful trails to hike, and the Panama Canal, one of the world's greatest achievements of engineering. It takes 4-8 hours to cross.