Atlas Mountians

By Kellen Heard, Ukiah Fuqua,Jaden Hannon and Cason Wicker

Visit the mountains today!

The Atlas Mountains are located in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. The size is 299,360 sq miles (775,340 km). It has high peaks, and stretches 1,600 miles.

Reasons to visit

There are many different, cool animals that live all around he Atlas mountains. This includes birds, sheeps, badgers, and bears that are extinct. There are also turtles, goats, turkeys, mountain lions, elk, skunks, horses, donkeys, buffalos, monkeys, and camels. If you love animals, then this is the place for you!

Many people come here to expreince our nature, histiory,and cultures of the Atlas Mountain. Theres many hotels on the mountain for yall to stay overnight and free breakfast,lunch,and dinner. All of our hotels are 5 star and never had a bad reputation. If you and your family decides to come, our number and info is down below.

Atlas Bear

The Atlas bear is an extinct species of the brown bear, which is sometimes thought of as a distinct species. The Atlas bear was Africa's only native bear that survived into modern times. Once inhabiting the Atlas Mountains and many areas, from Morocco to Libya, the animal is now thought to be extinct. The Atlas bear was said to have been a horrible tree-climber. The Atlas bear was brownish black bear, and lacked a white mark on its body. The fur on the underparts was reddish orange. The fur was 4–5 inches long. The body and claws were shorter than those of the American black bear, though it was stouter and thicker in body. The Atlas bear was said to have been 9 feet long and weighed 1,000 pounds. " It usally fed on roots, acorns and nuts. The Atlas Bear was said to have been mostly herbivorous, but since most bears today are omnivores the atlas bear is believed to have been able to eat meat as well.