Ares: War god

Jorge Chavez

God:Ares a war god, and was immortal.

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His roman name was mars.

Ares The god of war info

How I relate to ares

I can relate to ares because I like war. I also like weapons and all armor. I am very strategic and plan ahead. I can be short tempered. I also can act without thinking.He is male and so am I. His parents looked down at him and didn't like him

Why I chose Ares:

I chose him because he's the god of war and carnage. And me and my friend would have thought it would be fun. He is also one of my favorite gods.



-father :Zues


Ares had many mortal offspring and 7 godly children

Ares facts

1. Ares was one of the 12 Olympians

2. Ares was categorized as a coward

3. Ares was feared by many mortals

4. One of his sons was a dragon

5. His symbol was a vulture

6. In art Ares is depicted wearing a spear and helmet

7. Ares had more mortal children than divine children

8.Ares was a biological father to Cycnus, Lycaon, and Diomedas

9.The Amazons ,warrior women, were his daughters.

10. Eros, also known as cupid was also a child of Ares and Aphrodite

Roman name