5 Days!

A Quick Update on the Raffle . . . and Help Still Wanted!

'Grow the Green' Raffle Update!

Friday's winners of the 'Friday Freebies' are:

Tim Smith . 3 tickets!

Dawn Enzinger . 2 tickets!

We have currently sold 678 tickets. Our initial goal is 1400. When we get to 700 tickets sold, we will net $2500 for Aquin.

If we can reach the goal of 1400 sold, we will net $20,000 for Aquin as everything we bring in now is pure profit!

Please sell those tickets through Saturday. We still have 1 more 'Friday Freebie' drawing in which 1 person will get 3 free tickets and 1 person will get 2 free tickets. Drop off any sold tickets after Friday at the Masonic Temple by 7:00pm. The door on Walnut Street will be open. Help us reach our goal!

Someone is going to win $10,000.

Someone is going to win $3000.

And, someone is going to win $2000.

But, you can't win if you don't have a ticket!

Help Wanted!

We need 2-4 people to sell our 'Grow the Green' Cash Raffle tickets at the door and walk around during the event and sell tickets to our attendees.

We also still have 1 opening for a kitchen helper with 'Chef Jeff' on Saturday.

All of these volunteer opportunities get you 'free admission' to Extravaganza. You can then bid on auction items if you want. If you are interested in either of these positions--kitchen or ticket sellers--please contact laura.diemer@aquinschools.org or call 815-235-3154 x 226.

Thank you for considering!