Beginner Band News!

News for the Beginner Band Parent and kiddo!

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NEW!!! School Calendar for 2021-2022!

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CHARMS and Student Accounts!!!

Speaking of accounts, we use charms for our bookkeeping and student data management. You can check out your child's account by clicking on the link below!

The school code is eastlimestoneband

It's all one word. The password should be your student's last name and first initial with no spaces. Yell if you need help!

When reading the statement, if you have a negative sign by the dollar amount it means that is how much you owe. Keep an eye out and feel free to ask questions. I do not have an accounting degree!!! I try my best but sometimes make mistakes.

Instrument Cleaning Sheets!

Just follow the link and keep scrolling until you find your instrument. It's always a great time to clean instruments!

Need to contact us?

Questions or suggestions? Just email us and we will get back to you ASAP!

Band Directors

Jennifer "Mrs. Sam" Janzen -

Mark McChristian -

Guard Director

Michelle priest -

Booster Officers

President: Carla Franklin -

Vice-President: Jean Ann Davis -

Secretary: Jennie Barksdale -

Treasurer: Melanie Shackleford -

PR/Marketing: Blake Williams -

Concession Stand Manager: Karen Shiver -

Fundraiser Officer: Amanda Eaker -

Classroom Info!

We have sent several notes home to parents but just in case your kiddo has forgotten it, left it at school, lost, fed it to the dog, didn't get it (my personal fav), or whatever else, we will post it here from now on.


Again, we have sent this home a few times but just in case,...

$20 Beginner Band fee - includes the book and classroom supplies

$100 School Instrument Rental fee - This is only if you use a school instrument. This pays for normal wear and tear on the instrument as well as saving for additional instruments.

$50 Stick Bag Fee - This is only for percussionists. They get a stick bag, two sets of mallets and a pair of sticks. This is theirs forever!

$100 percussion fee - This is for all percussionists. Instead of parents purchasing instruments, they pay a $100 fee each year. This pays for up keep as well as a portion going to new instruments. This way, percussionists get to play all of the percussion instruments.

We were trying to do a beginner band shirt but that fell through. If you have paid that money, it will be in your student account!

East Limestone Band Website!

This is our official website. You can find lots of information here!

East Band on Social Media

You can also check the band out on Instagram at East_Limestone_Band

The Marching/Concert Band Newsletter

Here is the link to the marching/concert band newsletter to see what that group is up to!

Hope this helps get the info out there.

If you have any suggestions for the newsletter, don't hesitate to contact us!

Thanks all!

Until next time,...

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