The Northeast region

By Will Parks

The Northeast

The Northeast is the most populated are in the United States and has been for hundreds of years. Megalopolis is what it is reffered to as today. Megalopolis is a very large Region made up of several large cities and their surrounding cities. Saying that, the Northeast region would defiantly be an urban area. Of course there are some rural areas, it is mostly urban because of all population in that region. Since areas like New York are so heavily populated, jobs are pretty hard to find and land is extremely expensive. Languages spoken in the Northeast are English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian. The Northeast has many resources and one of the main ones is fishing. New York for example has some of the best fishing around. The Northeast also has lots of land features such as the Statue Of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Empire State building, Great lakes, and the Appalachian Mts. The Northeast region also has natural resources such as forests, granite, Iron, and maple syrup.


The Northeast was the first region of the united states becsue it was where the first settlers of the U.S came too. The colonies included in the Northeast region are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Rhode island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The rest of the 13 first colonies were seperated into the Southern region. The population of the northeast region estimates that in 2013, there was approximatly 55,943,073 people. There was approximatly 345.5 people per square mile.

Reading focus questions

1.) Megalopolis- A very large and heavily populated region or city.

2.) The resources and physical characteristics of the Northeast region have benefited the region by 1-Setting boundaries and 2-Giving the Northeast something to survive off of.

3.) By the use of water wheels.