The moon phases and tides


The names of the tides

The names of athe tides are highest tide,lowest tide,low tide,high tide,neap tide and spring tide.The tides are caused by the gravitonal pull of the moon,the sun and the earth.
The moon rises and sets every day,appearing on the horizon just like the sun. The time depends on the phases of the moon.It rises about 30 to 70 minutes later each day than the previous day,so the moon is out during the daytime as often is its out at night.At the time of the new moon,the moon rises at about the same time the rises sun and it sets at about the same time the sun sets.As the days go by (as it waxes to become a crescent moon,a half moon,and gibbous moon,on the way to a full moon.

How do the moon and tides relate to each other?

The moon and tides both go through a cycle like the moon phases and the tides.With out the gravitonal pull of the moon there would be no tides

What changes or effects do you think would occur if we did not have our moon?

If we did not have our moon the tides will colapse.

why are there perdictable patterns of change among the moon and tides?

There are moon phase that go through a cycle.There are tide names that go through a cycle.