Consultancy projects

ESEUNE Business School living LAB

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Different consultancy projects

Each student can select the following areas of work:

A. Working with Prof. Pablo Recio. Consultancy on Food and Beverage & investments.

B. Working with Manuel Sanchez Monasterio. Consultancy on marketing projects.

C. Working with HTIBI ( Chinese incubator shareholder of eseune ). Consultancy on Social media.

D. Working with Beijign Technological Park ( companies like Datang )

E. Working for own projects. ( Grants, or personal experience )

living LAB milestones for MBA 20015/2016

Working certain hours per week for the company selected. Sometimes meetings might be needed.

The Team.

The supervision is done by the company.

Student is invited to share with eseune Team her/his experience and look for our support when needed. In the case of grant the support is as an internship and GAP during the whole year.