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6th Grade Classroom

This past week our classroom transitioned into a 6th grade classroom. We scheduled the curriculum into a 6 hour schedule with students using their backpacks and hallway storage ledge in place of the lockers. It has been a bit of a challenge for students to remember what to bring to each class, manage the planner and work assignment, and remembering a new seating chart every hour.

The transformation was needed for students to completely understand the work level that they should be able to perform by this time in the year. This is a great group of kids, but as a whole, they need to use their time wisely in class in order to accomplish more learning. Most students did not get their reading done in the past month, so at this point many students may have a low score on the Report Card. I have attached a Pleasure Reading Chart that the students are to complete for the books they read. Each student is aware of their personal goals. I have taught then how to create data tables and they did a great job of creating seven Charts which are located in their Sheets / Google Account. We are going to continue one more week as a 6th grade classroom as this week was cut short due to snow days.

At the end of class today, many students forgot work assignments and the Monday folders (which are overloaded with papers and notes). I sent out a Remind text with a short note so not to miss any parents.

In Google Classrooms, I have attached many of the forms that your child might need.

Thank you!

Linus Project - Kindness Counts

We are going to be making Quilt Squares for Project Linus. Project Linus is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization that distributes homemade blankets to children. Just as Charles Schulz’s Linus character from the PEANUTS® comic strip was comforted by his blanket, Project Linus strives to do the same for children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. To learn more about the organization, go to

Project Linus Form


Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals is our current Math Goal, but, additionally, until the end of January we are still reviewing Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. Here is a link for a Khan Video that may help.

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Think Central

This is the online component to our Math Expressions book.

ELA - Grammar Skills

Students have a Green Grammar packet that we will be working from. BrainPOP Videos are a short and sweet way to refresh or to teach these Parts of Speech skills.


When your child logs into BrainPOP, the login is student bre. Their ordinal number goes between the t and the b. For example, the third student in class would use the login student3bre. The students' password is the student ID number.

Social Studies and Science

In Social Studies, we are learning about the Explorers and their encounters with the Native American People. We will be testing on January 21st. Adaptations will be our new Science Unit which we will be starting January 25th.
ScienceSaurus Online Text

Here is an Online Text link to the ScienceSaurus.

Bowling Field Trip

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 9:15-11:45am

2226 Hill Road

Grand Blanc, MI

As a completion of the Bowling Unit in Physical Education, we are taking a field trip to apply our skills on a real bowling lane! The Cost is $8.00. It includes two games, shoes, a snack, and the cost of the buses. Thank you Mrs. Pickens!


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