President Andrew Jackson

Hero or zero? Andrew Jackson + President = zero

Indian Removal Act

This law, signed by President Andrew Jackson, in 1830 providing for the general resettlement of Native Americans to lands W of the Mississippi River. From 1830 to 1840 approximately 60,000 Native Americans were forced to migrate. Of some 11,500 Cherokees moved in 1838, about 4,000 died along the way.

Trail Of Tears

The trail of tears was the route in which the Cherokee Indians traveled from ]their homeland to a small reservation in Oklahoma. Along the way about 4,000 of the Indians traveling died. With harsh weather conditions, the Indians had to travel a long way, with little sleep.

Nullification Crisis

 Constitutional struggle between some states and President Andrew Jackson. The states didn't want to pay the protective tariff that Jackson wanted, and the states claimed the right to "nullify," or declare void the tariff. This would have meant that the states didn't have to pay the tariff. More importantly, it would have meant that the states would have had authority over the federal government in a basic economic matter like the tariff. The states involved withdrew their objection to the tariff, mainly because of yet another compromise bill introduced by Henry Clay. This bill gradually reduced tariffs for 11 years, putting off the nullification question until then.
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