Technology in the class

pros and cons


Pros: By incorporating technology into lessons, students will become more engaged in and excited about the subject at that they are learning about. Lessons that would normally be boring and repetitive for many, such as social studies, can be much more engaging with virtual field trips and streaming video. Students would also be able to access those lessons a lot easier through the internet and from home.


Cons: It takes mature and responsible student to stay on task and not navigate away to other sites. Another con for the teacher would be finding the right materials and resources online to suit the class needs and level of learning.

School districts that have already incorperated technology into the curriculm.


My own personal conclusion is that although technology can be exploited and used in the wrong way with the right restrictions and monitoring it will benefit a lot of students by keeping them interested and active in whatever class or field they are studying and that the pros of technology far outweigh the cons.