Come Spy with Me!

A workshop on how to become a Patriot Spy!

Learn from an Expert! Here's my story:

When Lydia Darragh's home was taken over by the British during the Revolutionary War, this Philadelphia Quaker woman became a spy for General Washington’s army. Some stories say that Darragh deceived the British and talked to an American officer that she knew and told him about a surprise attack General Howe was planning. In great part because of Darragh’s bravery, General Washington and his troops were able to prepare for the battle in time. General Howe’s army was thrown off guard when Washington and his troops confronted them. After four days of minimal fighting in what was virtually a standoff, Howe and his troops turned around and headed back for Philadelphia.


Details about the Workshop

Characteristics of a Great Colonial Spy

  • Guts!
    Spying is not for the feeble minded. You put yourself in unknown, and possibly dangerous, situations, with only your skills and wits to keep you out of harms way. Ask yourself: do I have what it takes?

  • Intelligence
    There's a good reason why they've called spying "intelligence". You need to learn many skills and abilities, and fast! Each new operation calls for different skills, cover and legend, and you must be able to learn and internalize them in days.

  • Creativity
    Spies find themselves facing all kinds of problems, each one calling for a fitting solution. Unfortunately, most of the time you cannot fall back on some super-duper gadget, issued by "Q", but you must make do with whatever you have at your disposal.