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Katelyn Hodges - TT #6

U.S. National Survey: Teachers' Perceptions of Integrating Literacy and Technology

Dr. Amy Hutchinson

  • Assistant Professor of Literacy at Iowa State University
  • Conducted nationwide research of teachers' perception of integrating literacy and technology (1,441 literacy teachers and educators surveyed)

How she became involved:

  • Researched the use of technology that was being used in the classroom - was unsure on the extent of technology being used to support literacy

Teaching Literacy vs. Teaching Technology

Comes down to the curricular goal

Teaching Literacy:

  • Technology is used to teach a literacy skill (making inferences - related to texts or even hyperlinks)

Teaching Technology:

  • Technology is used to teach technology related content (delete a file)

Results of Nationwide Survey

Obstacles for Integrating Technology in the Classroom

  • A major issue of TIME
  • Inadequate professional development for integrating technology
  • Not enough time within a class period
  • Not enough time to plan for integrating technology into instruction

Why Integrate Literacy and Technology?

  • Teaches students important skills that they will need for the future (e-mail, what to share vs. what not to share, professionalism)
  • Integrating technology will not take up more class time
  • Common Misconception: Students are already very literate with their use of technology

Surprising Findings/Class Connections

  • Teachers in their first 5 years integrated technology less than all other groups
  • It did not make a difference if teachers were reported if they had learned how to use technology or not in college