Design Studio 5

November 15, 2014

Driving Question: How can students in Studio 5 build awareness about the problem of hunger and contribute to solving the problem in their community?

This question will be at the forefront of our minds over the next few weeks as we help students begin to understand that they can be designers of change in their own community. This newsletter will let you know the different ways that students and families can be a part of the fun and learning over the next few weeks.
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Be the Change You Want In The World!

Students are learning about the issue of hunger from many different angles. Students have been researching the problem, learning about the businesses and organizations that help fight the problem in our community, and they are learning how they can be a part of solving the problem. To that end, students are learning that they can make a difference in a variety of ways. Building awareness of the problem is the first step and then doing something to make a difference is key. The EMPTY BOWLS idea is a way that students get to practice speaking, listening, leadership, and community participation. Our amazing art teacher is working with the students to create their own bowls to auction off at the event mentioned above. Students also created a special art project in our design studio last Friday to create another art piece to auction off. It is very important to help students learn that their talents are of value in many ways to their community and their creations are one way that we can help them see that what they create has value to help solve the problem of hunger. Parents and visitors to our Empty Bowls event will have the opportunity to bid on the students creations and all monies earned will go to support the organizations that the students choose to put an end to hunger in our community.




We are embedding reading and writing all throughout the curriculum over the next few weeks. Researching, poetry writing, creating public service announcements, taking notes from committee meetings, and persuasive argumentative writing will all be a part of our building background knowledge about hunger, water cycle/weather, and the Revolutionary War.

Please make sure that you help your student stay on top of doing those personalization minutes at home per earlier newsletters. All students can do iReady on their iPads now if they are finished with Lexia. Don't forget that you can go on and see your child's progress on most of these tools. For reminders on how to access and read the reports, see our class website.


We are finishing up Chapter 4 this week. The students have been learning about multiplying with decimals. We will have a chapter review test this week before moving on to Chapter 4 Dividing with Decimals. After we complete Chapter 5, we are going to take a little break from Go Math. We want to do some seasonal activities with data collection and fractions groundwork before we begin fractions.


Students are almost done with their Weather Whiz Kidz websites. We have been working had to research, track our thinking, and then present our knowledge in a way that would be meaningful for others. We will also be using it to do a knowledge search later in the week so that we can learn from one another's work.


Almost all students have finished the Videostorytelling Training Sessions with Mrs. Maynor. We appreciate her helping us learn all the ins and outs of using the cameras, editing, and publishing our work. Our first opportunities to use these newfound skills will be on our Desktop Documentaries for the Revolutionary War. We will be beginning these in the days to come. Students will also be creating Public Service Announcements to promote our hunger unit.


Please make sure that students are going on the computer to complete spelling lessons. They should know which lessons they are on and the website is;; or Starting in January we will be focusing on spelling patterns that begin with prefixes and suffixes, but all students should have completed at least 6 independent lessons by the end of the quarter in order to have the possibility of a 3 on their report card for 2nd quarter.