2016 MAP Bulletin

Volume 1 - January 2016


This newsletter will be published as necessary to provide district wide summative testing updates to Hickman Mills C-1 School District staff members.

Acronyms Unpacked...

CDT - Classroom Diagnostic Tests. These are the "practice MAP tests" or "testlets" that DESE referred to many times last year. These are available for the first time during the 2015-2016 school year. These require student test tickets and secure log ins.

OTT - Online Tools Training. This includes 5 - 10 questions that can be accessed on the web from any device, without a log in. It is designed for students and teachers to practice with the tools and universal accommodations available during the test such as calculators, reference sheets, pointer tool, highlighter, etc.

MAP - Missouri Assessment Program. This acronym represents the summative (end of year) assessments students are required to participate in in grades 3 - 8 ELA and Math as well as grades 5 and 8 Science.

1. CDT's are full blown, 90+ minute practice tests available in Reading and Math.

2.) CDT's are ADAPTIVE. Therefore, students will work through problems above, below, or on grade level, depending on their answers. Don't be misled by the difficulty of the questions as you monitor testing...

3.) CDT's require student test tickets to be printed that include unique usernames and passwords for student log ins.

4.) CDT's are available on all school computer labs and iPad carts by accessing the "INSIGHT" testing icon.

5.) The reports following the test are available by selecting "Reports - CDT Interactive Maps." These are CLUNKY and do NOT provide you with PREDICTIVE scores. You are able to see how students performed in comparison to each other; however, you must remember that everyone is seeing different question types based on the adaptive test.

***6.) One more thing - why are we doing these??? HMC-1 is using the CDT's to provide students with the opportunity to practice with the tools and familiarize students with the testing platform and length of test.

Online Tools Training can be accessed at the link below from ANY device. This will allow students and teachers the opportunity to practice with the test tools. Teachers should plan for multiple opportunities for students to access the online tools training between now and April. Start by trying them together as a class, then in small groups, and finally, individually.
  • Overall LONGER testing for all grade levels. DESE is including approximately 20 (non-graded) field items on each test; therefore, each test has approximately 60 questions.
  • Achievement levels/score reports for ELA and Math will not be available until Summer 2016. Science will be available 10 days after testing has completed (per DESE).
  • GOOD NEWS - overall, the testing format and questions will be similar to those seen on the 2015 MAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When should I give the CDT's?

Answer: Your building principal and site test coordinator have been tasked with creating a building practice MAP testing calendar.

Question: Should I give the Online Tools Training or the CDT first?

Answer: Online tools training are available right now! You can start working with these anytime. You do NOT have to complete the tools training before the CDT.

Question: What is our district MAP test window?

Answer: The district test window will be set at our next meeting on February 22nd. Currently the state testing window is April 4th - May 27th.

Question: Who do I contact if I have questions about the CDT's, MAP, have trouble logging in, etc.?

Answer: First go to your site test coordinator (typically your counselor & supplemental teacher). If they are unable to answer your question, they will then reach out to Katie Roe for support.

Click the link below to watch a short video with a tour of the eDirect website!

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