Would You Stay?

By: Sara Acosta, Josie Curtis & Ava Botko


"Poor food- hard lodging- cold weather- fatigue- nasty clothes- nasty cookery- smoked out of my senses." Written be Dr. Waldo. Washington and his soldiers, the Continental Army, stayed in Valley Forge durning the winter of 1777 and 1778. The conditions were harsh, people were getting sick, others were dying, and they couldn't do anything about it. Had you been a soldier at Valley Forge, would you not re-enlist and go home? No I would not re-enlist due to the harsh conditions, illness, and friends and family.

Body Paragraph #1

No, I would not re-enlist due to the harsh conditions. The picture in document B shows the soldiers wearing flip-flops and shorts during the winter. This picture shows that conditions were harsh because some of the soldiers were wearing shorts, which could have resulted in hypothermia and frost bite, because the picture shows a man only having 3 toes. In document C, it states, " Why are we sent here to starve and freeze… There comes a soldier, his bare feet are seen through his worn-out shoes, his legs nearly naked from the tattered remains of an only pair of stockings." Even though the conditions were harsh, the soldiers sacrificed their lives for what they thought was right.

Body Paragraph #2

No, I would not re-enlist due to the illness going around camp. In Document A, this chart shows that on December 23 1777 2,898 soldiers were sick, and on February 1st 1778, there were 3,989 soldiers sick. This is showing The illness is going around camp because in a matter of two months, about 1000 soldiers were sick. In document C " The Army which has been surprisingly healthy hitherto, now begins to grow sickly from the continued fatigues they have suffered this campaign. This is showing the sickness going around because all the soldiers were getting sick do to sleep deprivation from working all day in the cold. As you can see, the illness is rapidly affecting soldiers in Valley Forge.

Body Paragraph #3

No, I would not re-enlist due to family and friends. In document C, it states, "Heartly wish myself at home, my skin and eyes are almost spoiled with continual smoke." This shows that Dr. Waldo wants to go home, along with the other soldiers who want to see their family and friends. They all miss the warmth of their home, including family and friends.


No, if I was a soldier I would not re-enlist due to harsh conditions, illness, and family and friends. Although, others may disagree and say that their enlistment is almost up, so they should just continue since they've already suffered enough, and went through most of it .