Mill Creek Magic Messages

November News and Notes from Mr. Ortman and Mrs. Carter

Upcoming November Events:

  • November 14th: Comfy Cozy Day (Support our charity Bucks for Kids)
  • November 16th at 10:00AM: 4th & 5th Grade Private Screening for "The Big Hero 6"
  • November 19th: 10:00AM & 1:45PM Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast
  • November 20th-21st: No Kindergarten Classes (K Parent Teacher Conferences)
  • November 24th - 25th: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 24th - 28th: Thanksgiving Recess

To all of our Veterans - Thank you for your service!

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Candy Collection

This year, our Mill Creek students donated 417 pounds of candy to our troops overseas! Thank you for your generosity!

Operation Santa

In honor of Veterans' Day, Mr. Molenari's 5th grade class is organizing a collection of items to be sent to our troops. The collection is for the men and women who will not be able to make it home to their families for the Holidays. Some of the items that they need are:

  • Protein bars
  • Hand-warmers
  • Frisbees
  • Playing cards
  • Hot Chocolate mix
  • Magazines

Please send in your donations by Tuesday, November 18th. There is a collection box in the lobby, outside of the library. Look for the Operation Santa sign. Thank you!!

November 19th Reporting Student Progress Documents

On November 19th please look for...

* for Kindergarten students the paper copy (hard copy) documents will be sent home.

* for 1st - 6th grade students the documents will be available online via parent portal by approximately 9:00 AM.

November Conferences:

We are fast approaching our November conferences for parents, teachers, and students. During this conference, your child's "Conference Report" will be referenced. This report will focus on his/her academic achievement, strengths as a learner, and goals for future growth. The Conference Report will serve as a springboard for conversations around student learning thus far, as well as goal setting for the future.

  • As a reminder, if you have not created a Log-in for the Parent Portal, please do so. Your child's Conference Report will be accessible electronically via the Parent Portal on November 19th. Click HERE to follow the link below for information on how to create a log-in.
  • Attention Kindergarten Families: The kindergarten reporting process will remain the same as in past years. Paper copies will be sent home; there are no changes to the Kindergarten Reporting process.

Congratulations to Mrs. Lamper's Class!

...for having excellent cafeteria manners in October, Mrs. Lamper's class earned a special luncheon at the Mill Creek Cafe.
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Electronic Communications...

Thank you for your cooperation with our move toward electronic communications from our school. We have not found a convenient electronic form for parent responses that need to be returned to school (for example: Home & School event notices that ask for payment to be returned). Instead, the forms that require you to return a response to school will include a statement like the following:

If attending the event, please send a check in an envelope with the following information included: student's name, student's teacher, and event name, on the check and on the envelope. Thank you!

Do you know a student who....?

The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a student recognition program sponsored by CB Cares, Outback Steakhouse in Jamison, and the Bucks County Herald. This program recognizes students for living by the 40 Asset principle.

The asset for December is Culture Competence. Do you know a young person who has knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds? If so, please consider sending the child's name, along with a detailed reason for the nomination, to Laurie Hunter, at by December 5th.

Walk for Education!

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