Band Update

February 2016

Festival of the Arts Concert Rescheduled again!

The Festival of the Arts Concert has been rescheduled for March 17th, 7PM

Performing at the concert will be Jazz Band, Honors Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Strings and Chamber Choir.

Canceled Trip to NYC

The district has decided that we will not be allowed to reschedule our trip to NYC. I am in the process of having refund checks cut for everyone. However, if any of the trip was paid with fundraised monies, that cannot be refunded to you. That money will remain to be used for another trip. We were able to get all of transportation and meal costs refunded. In addition, I sold the chaperone tickets to JG faculty.

The only thing we are unable to refund is the theater ticket and my only recourse is to return the ticket to each student. However, the ticket is still useable. You can contact the Shubert Theater box office to reschedule.

To recap, total cost of trip was $150. Your ticket will be returned and $63 will be refunded minus any fundraising.

Save the Date! Band Camp August 15-19, 2016

Click here to complete Band Camp Registration

It is very important that we complete this by April 1st!

Upcoming Schedule

March 2, 4 & 5 - 7PM, Musical

March 17th - Festival of the Arts Concert

April 2nd, 2:30PM - Jazz Band performance at Elwood Public Library

April 8th, 7PM - Elwoodstock Acoustic Cafe

April 17th - 2PM - Tri M Honors Society Recital at Elwood Public Library

April 19th - NYSSMA Non All State Solo Festival

May 12th - NY State Adjudication for both bands

May 18th - 7PM - Spring Concert #1 - Band Concert

May 20-21 - NYSSMA All State Solo Festival at Harborfields

May 25th - Spring Concert #2 - Orchestra and Choirs

May 27-28 - Music Dept. trip to Hershey Park

May 30th - 10AM - Memorial Day Parade
June 1st - HS Music Department Awards Banquet

August 11 - 4-9PM Marching Band Pre camp rehearsal.

August 15-19 4-9PM Marching Band Camp