Deb Jenkins

Exceptional Children's Resource and Inclusion Teacher

Learning In a Resorce Setting

Resource learning is a small group setting in my classroom with no more than 2-5 students. Our lessons are structured very similar to the regular education classroom with a mini lesson, one on one or small group work with me, and independent stations focused on the lesson of the day or week. Stations include Study Island, RAZ Kids, word work, and phonics.

Learning In an Inclusion Setting

I will support your child in the regular education classroom where they will participate in the mini lesson and independent work with the entire class. I will support them during independent work stations one on one or in a small group. I work with all students in the classroom that need that extra special attention in a particular subject. As an inclusion teacher I will co-teach with the regular education teacher. I will follow all mini lesson materials and differentiate instruction or assignments as I see necessary.

My kindergarden teacher always said: "If at first you don't succeed...try, try again."


Does my child get double the homework? No, I work with the regular education teachers to modify or include work from my classroom to their homework.

When does my child see you and do they miss regular education class work? Your child will see me based on their IEP. NO, they will not miss regular education class work as I follow lesson plans from their individual teachers.

My contact info

Always feel free to contact me by phone or email. Email is usually the quickest. I am also happy to meet with you upon request.