Sergei Winogradsky

Russian Microbiologist and Botanist

Lived 1856-1953

Background Information

Sergei Winogradsky was a microbiologist and botanist. He was born in Kiev, Russia in 1856. He studied at the Kiev university and the university of Petersburg in Russia.

Contributions to Microbiology

  • Discovered Chemosynthesis, the process in which organisms produce nutrients through the reactions of chemicals. This was a major breakthrough in microbiology because it showed scientists that organisms can produce nutrients from inorganic, chemical substances, instead of photosynthesis.
  • He was the founder of microbial ecology, the study of individual microbes and how they interact in a specific environment. Microbial ecology is important because it allows scientists to see how microbes affect their respected environments and how the environments can be altered to make the microbes more beneficial to other organisms.
  • Created the Winogradsky Column. It is a single device that allows multiple microbes to be cultured. This conveniences scientists by allowing them to see how multiple microorganisms interact within an environment.

Scientists Influenced

  • Winogradsky was majorly influenced by Louis Pasteur. He was fascinated by his discovery of pasteurization as well as some work within microbiology.
  • Winogradsky was invited by Pasteur to head his department of microbiology at the Pasteur institute in Paris.

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